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Tue, Jun 30, 2009


WordPress Blog

My New WordPress Blog

What is it about your first post on a brand new blog. You have just spent a few hours setting it up and making it look nice, and now you have to sit down and do exactly what you made it for… Blogging. I always get stuck on my first post trying to decide what to write; and on a blog that has no real single direction it seems especially difficult.

So anyway, today I was hanging around the WHMCS forums when I decided to start looking at the features people were looking for, I bumped into quite a few good ideas and posted a few times trying to help a few people out. For some reason after seeing one of the feature requests, I decided to take it as a challenge and do it. So just under an hour and a half later I had finished a fairly complex solution to the problem. I was just about to add it to the “Community Addons” section on the WHMCS site when I realized that I would need to put the files somewhere. That was the split second that I decided that I was going to buy my new domain name and start this blog 🙂

This blog is my “new start” as my old blog is just a mess! I will start posting all of the stuff that I run into that I think others might find helpful; this includes:

  • PHP Scripts to do stuff
  • WHMCS Addons and Customisations
  • Shell stuff
  • And anything else that might be of use to anyone

If anyone has any suggestions of stuff that I should do, just leave a comment and I will probably end up doing and releasing it some time!

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