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Screenshot video renders

17. January 2020


As appears to be the way, it has been quite some years since I last got around to writing here, but here we are again! This week, I came across a really cool system for generating videos from website screenshots. I was looking to create a promo video, but don’t have any software to do […]

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Fixing Download Permissions on QNAP NAS

4. February 2013


I have a QNAP 419P+ at home that I use for all of my media, backups etc. I had been using one of the integrated media downloaders, but for some reasons the permissions were always set so that my Raspberry Pi (Raspbmc) media receiver couldn’t go inside the download directories. Now running the command┬áset_volume_mode Download […]

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Resizing EBS Root Device on Amazon AWS EC2 Instance

15. January 2013


This is just a quick one as I’m working hard on a big migration at the moment, but I’m sure it will come in handy in the future and with others. So we were having problems with the EBS disk being full, so I decided to up the disk space. The process is really quite […]

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Configuring Account on Elastix

31. January 2012


I’ve gone rather mad with VoIP configurations since I decided to move to using my own PBX for my personal and business telephony. My choice of installation was Elastix, mostly because it looks nice, but it works really well. These details will work with pretty much any other Asterisk PBX such as Trixbox though. Right, […]

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Change Domain within WordPress Posts

16. December 2011

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I find myself using WordPress more and more for client websites. Since 90% of the time, I develop on a dev domain, it means that the links inserted by WordPress point to the dev domain which presents an issue when it’s time to hold your breath and take the new site live on the clients […]

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SSHD Failed to start on fresh VPS

27. June 2011


After trying to start ssh on a fresh VPS, I got the following error message: sh-3.2# service sshd start Starting sshd: Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key Disabling protocol version 2. Could not load host key sshd: no hostkeys available — exiting. [FAILED] The fix is simple, just run […]

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Re-create corrupt /tmp directory on cPanel server

8. June 2011