Useful Links

This is a collection of random links (mainly for my reference), but most are just cool in some way or another. This is a page for great things in MY opinion, spammy emails sent to me asking for a link here will be deleted and ignored!


Nice Styled Tables –

Even Nicer Tables –

Beautiful CSS Buttons –

Nice CSS Buttons –

More Nice Buttons –

CSS3 Rounded Corners (CSS3,Moz&Webkit) –

Nice Style Sheet –

Text Blocks Over Image –

Box Shadow –

CSS3 Inset Text –

Perfect 3 Column Layout –

Better Image Replacement –

iPad Specific CSS –

Favourite CSS Tables –

CSS Gradient Generator –

CSS Compressor –

Cross Browser Transparency –

CSS Inputs –


Some nice free icons –

Cloud Vectors –

Call to action buttons –

Payment Icons –

Film Artwork for iTunes –

Small Icons –

Nice Mac Vector –

Jigsaw Icons –

UI Pack –


Yahoo! Developer network –


Some insight into secure php forms –

Twitter OAuth stuff –

URL Shortener –

QRCode Zend Framework Module – (hosted version here

Google Checkout PHP Class –

PHP Limit 1000 fields per post –

OB Capture output –

Simple PHP Caching –

Shorthand PHP Ref –

PDO Wrapper Class – – Used to like it, but not a fan anymore

Misc Code

Json Viewer –

Json Formatter –


eb usage –


Simple Hot-desking –

iPhone Dev

Information and loading display stuff –

A good summary on iPhone Actions and Alerts –

XML Parsing with GDataXML –

Singleton Class –

iPhone Connectivity Framework –

iPhone App Analytics –

NSError Stuff –

Image Sizes & naming conventions –

Build a simple RSS reader –

Map Stuff (not really iPhone, but I will be using the techniques in an iPhone project :-)) –


How to Create A Custom WordPress Meta Box Instead of Using WordPress Custom Fields –

13 Useful WordPress SQL Queries You Wish You Knew Earlier –

Linux Stuff

Securing /tmp –

Maintenance page with .htaccess –

Setup NIC in CentOS –

CentOS Network Conf –

CentOS set date/time –


DKI Stuff –

DKI Stuff –

AdWords Tips –

Long Tail Keyword Tool –

Long Tail Keyword Tool –

Outsmarting your competition (PPC) –


RegEx Tester – (This deserves a bookmark, I used it when developing a large number of complicated custom RegExes!!!)

Some electronic logic stuff –

PDF to Word Converter –

Test data generator –

Random Template Site – /

Random SEO Stuff –

Chromium OS Install –

PHP CLI Colour –

Term Colours – – dircolors -p > ~/.dircolors

Wine Portfolio –

Random Funny –,-i-see

Generate Docx with PHP –

Open Source Invoicing System –

Linux Clear Swap –

BCS Application –

Simple Email Encryption –

Uniball Pens :p –,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1680&bih=925&ion=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=7066585734655693307&sa=X&ei=lOmMTr_CHYW70QWp0bDiBQ&ved=0CGsQ8wIwAg#scoring=tps

Slicehost article repo –

802.11 Frequency Channel Map

802.11 Frequency Channel Map


Facebook Like –