Instinctiv Shuffle Returning to iPhone Soon!

Mon, Jun 28, 2010

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Instinctiv Logo

Instinctiv Logo

Let’s start with the basics. What do Instinctiv do, and what is Instinctiv Shuffle? As explained by Peter Brodsky ( The developer of the Instinctiv Shuffle )

Instinctiv shuffle analyzes what songs you’re skipping and decides what songs to play next. We figure out what you’re in the mood for right now, what songs you generally like and don’t like and what songs you individually think are similar to other songs in your library — it’s pretty cool, and all you have to do is do what you always do: listen to the songs you want to hear and skip the ones you aren’t in the mood for.  Our users go from skipping every 1.6 songs with random shuffle to every 31 songs with Instinctiv!

So, the story begins. I had a few mails with Peter Brodsky after they successfully managed to send a massive mail shot with everyone’s email addresses visible in the TO field ( which he was very apologetic about, his exact words “There’s a horrible story of belief defying humiliation that accompanied that giant oops of an email.  We screwed up 🙁” ), and he added to the end of his mail

PS: An iPhone app is now pending app store approval 🙂

As I had enquired about a new release ( as I’ve been waiting years for this as they had a release when I had my original iPhone over two years ago ). Even on the original iPhone, the experience was better then excellent, In fact, words cannot describe how good it was.

So anyway, you heard it here ( first? ), Instinctiv Shuffle will be with us in the next few days! Hopefully Apple will approve it quickly and not have a repeat of the Opera approval time of over 20 days!

On the basis that their Android release ( 28th June 2010 ), available here, appears to be free and their mac and original unofficial iPhone releases were free, I would assume that the iPhone version will be too, although even if it costs a few quid, it will be worth it, trust me!

Below are a few screen shots of what it looked like when it was available on an unofficial app store for jailbroken users. I loved it and I can see this becoming then #1 app in many countries with it’s official release!

Instinctiv Screen Shots

Instinctiv Screen Shots (Source: Mashable)


Instinctiv / Peter Brodsky, Keep up the good work, I’ve always been a fan of your technology and I’m sure millions of others will too when it’s approved by apple. Best of luck!

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  1. Jerry Eldredge Says:

    I’ve also been waiting for that app for years!!! I read somewhere a year ago that they were going to android so this is great news. I also love the developer. I think this is his blog Updates are infrequent but it’s totally hilarious and he hits the nail on the head. 🙂

  2. Ben Says:

    I’ve not seen that blog before. It really did make me laugh. It’s so honest and true :p

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